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Have something you think might be of historical value?


Please contact us before donating archival materials or artifacts.  When donating archival materials or artifacts, keep our mission statement in mind:    

     The Purpose for which this Society is organized is: to discover, procure, preserve and display              whatever maybe related to the civil, social and economic history of the county of Gilpin, and to          establish and maintain collections of information, records, and objects related to or having a            bearing on the history of said county, and to keep such collections for reference in suitable              locations.


Because of our mission, artifacts and materials should help to document the history of Gilpin County. Please call or email us first about items you would like to donate.

Please note, we will not accept items for donation that show obvious signs of rodent or insect infestation due to health concerns as well as the safety of our current collection.  If items showing signs of infestation are left at the museum, they will be disposed of.  


Want to help support museum programs and exhibits?

You can donate by check, cash, or through Kroger Community Rewards if you you are a King Soopers or City Market Customer (our organization number is XU733).  To make a gift by mail, send a check to:

Gilpin Historical Society

PO Box 247

Central City, CO 80247


For questions about donations contact:

David Forsyth, Executive Director and Curator



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