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All Tours Begin at Washington Hall

Teller House and Opera House

The Teller House hotel, opened in 1872, is the home of the infamous Face on the Barroom Floor. 
The Central City Opera House, built in 1878, is home to the fifth oldest opera company in the United States.  

Tours of the Teller House and Opera House may not be available on certain days during opera season dependent on the opera's schedule.

Thomas House


 Click on the Thomas House under the Hours and Locations tab for more information on this tour.

St. James Methodist Church


St. James Methodist Church, dedicated in 1872, is the oldest operating Protestant church in Colorado.  
The church features beautiful stained-glass windows, Eastlake style frescoes, and an 1898 Steere pipe organ.  

Weekly Register-Call Print Shop

The Weekly Register-Call is the oldest continuously printed newspaper in Colorado, and after the closure of the Rocky Mountain News in 2009, it became the oldest newspaper in the state.  This print shop, in the Masonic Building, was used from the 1860s until the early 1980s and and is home to antique printing equipment, including a Chicago Taylor Press and a vast collection of fonts.

117 Eureka Street (across from the Teller House)
Open Tuesday-Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Tours are $10 per person, per building; children 12 and under free

Appointments are not necessary for tours, but if you are bringing a large group and would like to schedule an appointment please call the museum at 303-582-5283 or email

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